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         in oils...

            da vinci's whoopi       Ó 2003

                 backwards beauty                                    Ó 2003
           chosen for the 2003 Society of Illustrators Student Competition

                    fearless ignorance                                 Ó 2003

                  rigoletto              Ó 2003

         you have nothing to fear but fear itself
                                                Ó 2003

                        a taste of your own medicine         Ó 2003

                  all frogs go to hell       Ó 2003

             theatrical harmony       Ó 2001

                    connecting the cootie                Ó 2002

                   uha man            Ó 2002     

                       american shining        Ó 2003

                    it's raining cats and dogs     Ó 2003